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A Day #WithRefugees At UNHCR Egyeikrom Refugee Camp

Imagine going about life as usual. It’s Saturday morning and you wake up to the enticing vapours of palm-nut soup emanating from your mother’s kitchen. You stretch your body languorously and scratch your stomach in mindless fashion. 

You search for your phone to catch up on news on Twitter. As you flip through what you missed during the night, your eye catches on news that violence has erupted in the city and it looks like some incensed people are going house to house killing opposition party supporters. What do you do? Where can you go? 

Influential Award-Winning Ghanaian Photographer; Nana Kofi Acquah Is Awarded As A Fellow In The Tim Hetherington Fellowship

Also known as @africashowboy on Instagram, Nana Kofi is an award-winning blogger and poet. 

It is heart-warming and encouraging to see influential African Instagrammers and Photographers like Nana Kofi get international recognition for their commitment and passionate drive in creating African stories that move people into action. 

Ghanaian Artists Transforming The Art Industry in Ghana: Inside Scoop About Bright Ackwerh, Winner of The Kuenyehia Prize For Contemporary Ghanaian Art 2016.


O.Q - What inspired your work into caricature illustration? 

B. A - A lot of factors actually. I discovered the work of some artists on the internets which amazed and inspired me. Their presentation of it was what caught my eye not the concept though as these were commercial illustrators.

Strategic Power Solutions (SPS) Launches Its UltraModern Solar Panels Manufacturing Plant.

The need for solar energy in Ghana has become more pertinent than ever before! A country with 365/366 days of free sunshine, which can get as hot as 37 degrees on a normal day we have slacked in putting measures in place to tap into this alternative energy source. 

Thankfully all this is about to change with the first solar panels manufacturing plant which was launched recently by Strategic Partner Solutions (SPS) a key subsidiary of Strategic Solutions Systems International, 3SiL.

The solar panels manufacturing plant is located in Kpone (4kms from the Tema Roundabout on the Aflao Road).

The King Who Married Gifty Anti .

Social media in Ghana is clamoring over the news of GTV's TV Presenter and Personality Gifty Anti getting married to Chief of Adumasa Nana Ansah Kwao who is also a Radio & TV Host at JoyFm.  Its almost like the gong-gong beater hitting the gong ferociously and hoarsely affirming the news instead of inviting us to the event. 

As each media house shared photos and videos from the event, fans and haters of both personalities shared their comments after each post. And quite unsurprisingly there was a lot more focus on Gifty Anti now Awo Dansoa. Scathing remarks about her ‘overdue’ marriage appeared on almost every website whilst other’s cruelly remarked about the ‘brand new second hand woman’. Could these websites control these negative and slanderous comments?