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How You Can Love Yourself & Attract The Right Man in 2016.

There’s always that one thing which you don’t mind waking up at dawn to do. Whether it’s baking scones, writing a short Children’s story or painting still life. You need to go back to it if you somehow abandoned it along the way. I went back to my love of writing which life had almost made me forget about. Rediscovering your passion ignites an inner joy within you which lights up your face every time you focus on it.

9 Types of Men Who You Should Avoid At All Costs!

1. The Constant ‘Chiller’

Is he constantly out with his boys or always hitting the club & pubs after work? He cant spare quality time with you but prefers nights out in noisy clubs. Monday to Saturday its one party or the other. Such a guy will find it hard to spend time getting to know you. He spends a lot of money on such nights out which can end up making him financially unstable. Will he be able to stay home with his family or will he be found out chilling unable to bond with his kids and wife? It might seem fun in the beginning but to be honest, you can get easily worn down with all those activities.

The King Who Married Gifty Anti .

Social media in Ghana is clamoring over the news of GTV's TV Presenter and Personality Gifty Anti getting married to Chief of Adumasa Nana Ansah Kwao who is also a Radio & TV Host at JoyFm.  Its almost like the gong-gong beater hitting the gong ferociously and hoarsely affirming the news instead of inviting us to the event. 

As each media house shared photos and videos from the event, fans and haters of both personalities shared their comments after each post. And quite unsurprisingly there was a lot more focus on Gifty Anti now Awo Dansoa. Scathing remarks about her ‘overdue’ marriage appeared on almost every website whilst other’s cruelly remarked about the ‘brand new second hand woman’. Could these websites control these negative and slanderous comments?

The Significance of Items on The Ghanaian Bride Price List

Over the years, bride price has changed / evolved from family to family. There are some commonalities, which can be found in most families. Have you stopped to wonder what each bride price item really means? I am referring to the more traditional items and not the iPads and laptops demanded by some families. I had a chat with one of my Aunties to find out exactly what goes into the bride price for our family (GA by the way) and according to her this was the list presented to my cousin who was getting married then to a Fante man. The list differs from tribe to tribe in Ghana.

What Will You Give Up To Get Married?

A question I have asked myself over the years when I found myself in a relationship. A relationship which I wouldn’t describe as dubious but one which nevertheless made me think. When you are a 30 year old woman and yet to walk down the aisle its interesting how the whole world seems to give you suggestions on whats good for you in terms of a man of course. Unless you are a strong woman; mentally , you will find yourself gravitating towards what the world offers on silver platter which if you were to look closely at is wooden.

When the paint is fresh on your newfound love, you feel like grabbing a loudspeaker and declaring to the whole world in the words of Faith Evans, ‘I never knew there was a love like this before!’ whilst doing the ‘mesor’dance. Another alternative is to update your Facebook Relationship status to ‘In a Relationship With… or change your profile photo to you and your bae in a very cuddly pose and following that would be declarations of your love on his timeline.